2 min read
08 Oct

I racked my brain for a super creative subject for the letter ‘A’ until I realized I was thinking too hard. Any preschooler will tell you that A is for apple! And it does tie in nicely with the fall vibes. I thought about going to our local orchard but instead I decided to treat this topic as a product photography shoot. This is one of my favorite niches of photography. I suppose I like the control of staging my subjects with props. I also love utilizing reflection and manipulating lighting in my little home studio.

The first god photos are examples of reflection and experimenting with different lighting. The next for photos are staged with props, complete with an orchard backdrop, cinnamon and a slice of apple pie. The last three photos are just fun! My favorite is the last one. My daughter’s girlfriend captioned it ‘Applestein’ 😂

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