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09 Jul

As we celebrated the 4th of July this past week, I chose the ‘something patriotic’ idea card.

Our local Crumbl Cookies featured a red white and blue sprinkled cookie that was perfect material for a photo shoot! I added a sparkler and shot with a fast shutter speed in order to capture each spark.

I then added a fun prop.

The candle is set on a reflective surface in front of a black back drop.

The flowers were to honor a veteran at a local cemetery.

Naturally the fireworks stole the show! I shout them at a slow shutter speed of 2 seconds.

The last photo is my first attempt at light painting with a sparkler. I set my capture mode to a timer of 5 seconds to give me time to jump in the frame. Then I spelled ‘love’ with the sparkler at a long exposure of 5 seconds. It took 36 takes to get it right!
Below are instructions on how to execute the light painting technique


Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments section!

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