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16 Jul

First up is forced perception photography. Simply put, it is achieved by placing an object close up and an object far away. This makes the far away object look tiny. I have to thank my models, my daughter Bobbie and her friend Avory!

The next technique was executed with mirrors to create the illusion of a two-headed cat and a portal to the sky through the earth.

The next photo is the illusion of a mausoleum sinking into the ground. The trick here is to find a structure with a hill in front of it. When you rotate the photo to straighten the hill, the building appears to sink.

The last technique was by far the most difficult! It’s called slow sync flash photography. The concept combines a long exposure setting with an external flash that freezes the object to achieve a sharp image and at the same time captures the light trails created by panning the camera.

Click the link below for a better explanation!


Now let’s have some fun! Try one of these techniques and send me your photo in the comment section!

I can’t wait to see everyone’s photos!

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