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03 Sep

I took advantage of the August 30th full blue super moon for this week’s topic. We are all familiar with a full moon which happens once every 28 days. A blue moon, which isn’t actually blue, is a second full moon in a single month. A super moon occurs when the full moon is at its closest distance to the earth. Super moons occur every 3-4 months. Blue moons occur every 2-3 years. Blue super moons only occur once every 10 years or so. You’ll have to wait until 2037 for the next one!

So yes, I was camped out with all my camera equipment in tow! Unfortunately, the rising of the moon on Wednesday was not visible due to cloud coverage so I got up at 0430 on Thursday morning to witness the rare event. It turned out to be perfect because I was able to capture the moon setting at sunrise!

The second set of photos were taken using long exposure to capture all the beauty of the stars. Just a few seconds will give you precise dots of stats and anything over 20 seconds will produce star tails. An hour long exposure with the camera pointed directly north will produce circles as in the last image.

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