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17 Sep

Normally photographers strive for the perfect exposure in their images. In fact, I tend towards more underexposed as I feel I get sharper detail. This week’s topic forced my histogram to the right and to shoot purposefully over exposed. But I must say, I do like the dreamy effect of these over exposed images. It would be easy to simply slide the the expose adjustment bar in light room, but I accepted the challenge and achieved the following images in-camera.

The first two images are the setting sun parking through the holes in a park setting with an ISO of 400. A slower shutter speed and a wide aperture also help by letting more light in. The next two photos are the same concept with a feather and a dandelion as my props. The next set of images were taken indoors using a white background and studio lighting at an ISO of 4000. The flowers were taken at an ISO of 2500. The last photo is an algae covered pond with an ISO of 250, a shutter speed of 40 and an appetite of 5.

Drop me a comment and tell me which photo is your favorite! Personally, I like the dice!

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