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10 Dec

For this week’s topic of reflections, I thought I would not only post photos of awesome reflections, but also ‘reflect’ on some of my earlier photos. The first photo dates back to August of ‘21 when I bought my first camera. This photo illustrates the fact that even as a newbie I recognized the stunning effects of capturing a reflection. There is just something about the perfect symmetry that is mesmerizing. In the flip side, reflections can also make for some cool abstract!

This first photo was taken in August of ‘21. It is a mirrored structure in downtown Cleveland. From where I stood I saw the reflection of the Key building in one panel, the sun set in another panel and a blue sky with trees in yet another panel.

Creating abstract photos with reflections is one of my favorite rainy day activities. Eggs, scissors, spoons, you name it! You can create stunning abstracts with everyday objects you already have around the house.

And let’s not forget my screw city from week 7’s blog ‘something metal’!

Structures such as bridges and rocks can also make for awesome reflection photography. You just have to make sure the wind and waves are minimal for that perfect symmetry.

Man made structures and precisely placed objects make for great reflections, but nothing beats the reflections created by another Nature herself! As if colorful trees and unique plants aren’t already beautiful, seeing them reflected in a peaceful lake or pond is truly inspiring!

And of course my absolute favorite, a spectacular sunrise reflecting on the water. No words needed!

And last but not least, a duck sleeping on one leg (I don’t even know they did that!) and an elegant swan.

I really enjoyed looking back on some of my past work! It’s awesome to see how I’ve come in my journey. I joes you enjoy them too!

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