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17 Dec

I woke up this morning to rain and grey skies. So, black and white photos it is! I normally edit my images to black and white in my processing software, but in my research for this blog, I discovered that my Nikon D850 has a black and white setting in the menu. You learn something new everyday! So all of the following images were produced in-camera.

There’s just something about a black and white image. It stirs up a whole different set of emotions. It can make an everyday, ordinary scene look nostalgic like the view of Broadway in Lorain.

A B&W photo can also transform a normally bright and colorful scene into something edgy. The next three images were taken at my favorite sunrise/sunset spot but today the images are gritty and thought provoking.

B&W images can also illustrate a current mood, like these moody seagulls who were not at all thrilled by my presence!

There is an air of mystery and suspense to a good B&W  photo. What is waiting for me at the top of the stairs? What will I run into in the empty parking garage? I don’t think I want to know!

Then I took a picture of this sign as an inside joke between me and a friend of mine and discovered that it looked pretty cool in B&W.

So I took pictures of more signs!

After I got that out of my system, I noticed that the picture I took of a church looked dramatic and somewhat gothic, so I found more churches.

As I drove around, I started to notice things I had never noticed before. I must have walked past these eyes a thousand times before!

These last three photos were taken in my own hometown. I knew the mural of the soldiers raising the flag was there, but I never noticed that the flag pole extended into an actual flag pole with a real flag. I also never noticed the mural next to it. I took this one twice due to the unintentional photo bomb! I was going to scrap it but then decided that Mr. Photobomber actually added a little something to the photo!

The moral of this story is to look around you and pay more attention to detail. I started off thinking I was going to take pictures of the lake in the rain, but ended up getting some really cool photos of things that I have been around numerous times and never noticed. Keep your eyes peeled and those cameras on!

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