2 min read
30 Jul

With this week’s topic being water, I could have easily taken pictures of the lake and all its beauty. Instead,I decided to get creative. It was anything but easy! I tried oil in water, water droplets after a rainfall, refractory, and refractory water droplet.

First up it’s oil and water in a glass bowl.

Next I tried water droplets with a medicine dropper. I got two decent photos out of dozens of attempts!

After that I went back to my comfort zone and photographed macro water drops after a rainfall.

Then I thought the whole point of this 72 week challenge is to actually challenge myself and learn something new, so I tried refractory water droplets. The first picture is Van Gogh. The second is an eyeball.

I finished up with water in glass refractory. Again, it was harder than it looked!

If you’re feeling adventurous, here’sa link to instructions on water droplet refractory photography.


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